Community Reference Group

The Swifts Creek Local Development Strategy Community Reference Group (SCCRG) brings local knowledge, individual skills and passion to the project, and share progress with their family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. The SCCRG meets regularly and provides local advice and recommendations.

The SCCRG assists the project team by:

  • acting as a conduit between the project team and the community;
  • providing local perspectives on the project;
  • raising concerns and discussion points on behalf of the community; and
  • providing input into the planning, detailed design and implementation of the Local Development Strategy projects.

*Please note that the Community Reference Group is not a decision-making body for projects.

SCCRG welcomes new members who:

  • are interested in contributing to the creation and implementation of the Swifts Creek and District Local Development Strategy.
  • want to get the best outcome for the community
  • can help to represent a broad range of views that reflect the diversity of the community; and
  • are willing to contribute positively to activities and meetings

Members must be a resident or landholder in the identified Swifts Creek and District.

To find out more about becoming a member, please talk to a current CRG member or contact the Project Manager - contact us

Current Community members include:

Anne O’Brien
Eddy Mauger
Deborah Crellin
Sue Carroll
Helenka King
Jane Rowe
Kath Smith
Ray Gallagher
Renee Lancaster
Robert Boucher
Sally Kendall
Stephen Richardson