Regional Context Analysis

The Regional Context Analysis (RCA) signifies the pivotal shift from the initial phase of the Smart Specialisation strategy to the subsequent one.

This phase involves a comprehensive examination of economic and community data, which included interviews with community members and the exploration of historical information. Furthermore, it incorporates a review of existing policies and procedures. This comprehensive analysis provides a holistic perspective that identifies areas with potential for innovation, ultimately bolstering the local economy.

The RCA was launched at a community event on Wednesday 13th December at the Swifts Creek CFA with over 30 representatives from community, academia, industry and government in attendance. Jeff Svigos, Department of Energy, Environment & Climate Action (DEECA) Senior Project Management Officer for the Victorian Forestry Transition Program facilitated the presentation by Swifts Creek Local Development Strategy Project Manager, Alyce Richards.


Entreprenurial Discovery Process Workshops

Entrepreneurial discovery process workshops are interactive sessions designed to facilitate the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities and potential areas of innovation within a region based on identified regional assets. These workshops typically involve multiple stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, academics, policymakers, industry experts, and community representatives.
Entrepreneurial discovery workshops aim to foster collaboration, idea generation, and consensus-building among diverse stakeholders to identify and prioritise opportunities for entrepreneurial growth and regional specialisation. These sessions often serve as a starting point for further initiatives and actions aimed at fostering innovation and economic development within a region.

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