Entrepreneurial Discovery

Commencing Wednesday 13th March 2024, Swifts Creek Future hosted a series of workshops where the purpose was to define the projects for innovation, based on evidence. All four sectors were represented at the workshop including business, government, community and research/education.

There is several parts to a Discovery workshop, with the goal being to test and define the particular opportunity related to the identified asset and if an Innovation Working Group (IWG) will be set up to drive the project.

There are four main parts to an ideal workshop:

Define the asset

This is what has been identified in the Regional Context Analysis (RCA) as a local/social capability, natural asset, geographical advantage or piece of infrastructure (for example).

Values & Vision

Groups with participants representing the sectors will consider questions relating to opportunities if the community was to build on the identified asset.

How do we get there

A summary of the topics discussed will be presented to the participants and specific potential initiatives are identified.

Develop the innovation proposition

Will the innovation(s) be pursued? Will an IWG be established for develpoment and implementation of the innovation.

We are now seeking participant for the Innovation Working Groups (IWGs) to progress each of the projects identified in the workshops. To apply please contact us.

Thank you to all who attended and participated in the workshops. To access the reports for each workshop please click on the links below.